Zend Framework, styling and decorating a form

Although extending Zend_Form produces a really easy form, the layout that results is less than perfect. This is where subclassing Zend_Form_Decorator_Abstract comes in. Here’s the implementation for a text field.

class Decorators_Inputs extends Zend_Form_Decorator_Abstract
    protected $_format = '
    <div class="element">
        <div class="label_col"
            <label for="%s">%s</label>
         <div class="input_col">
            <input id="%s" name="%s" type="text" value="%s" class="%s" style="%s"/>
         <div class="error_col">
     <br clear="left" />

    public function render($content)
        $element = $this->getElement();
        $name    = htmlentities($element->getFullyQualifiedName());
        $label   = htmlentities($element->getLabel());
        $id      = htmlentities($element->getId());
        $value   = htmlentities($element->getValue());
        $style   = htmlentities($element->getAttrib('style'));

        $class = "";
        $error = "";
        $errors = $element->getErrors();
            $error = 'Please enter a value';
            $class = 'error';

        $markup  = sprintf($this->_format, $name, $label, $id, $name, $value,$class, $style,$error);
        return $markup;