Zend framework set up

I’m currently using the Zend framework to set up a holiday rental web site in Spain. I am putting up a series of blog posts to act as a how to and to give a heads up on some of the gotchas I encountered on the way.

I downloaded the Zend framework and installed it on my local server. I’m running a Windows 7 PC and I have OSX laptop running Lion. Set up was the same on both, I download the framework and put the path in the php.ini.

My Windows php.ini had this


I ran

zf create project montesnegros

I then set up a virtual host (again the same process on Lion and Windows 7)

NameVirtualHost rachael.test:80

<VirtualHost rachael.test:80>
DocumentRoot "G:/data/WorkSites/rachael/montesnegros/public"
DirectoryIndex index.php
ServerName rachael.test

<Directory "G:/data/WorkSites/rachael/montesnegros/public">
Options +FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
#order allow,deny
allow from all

I checked the that application had been created with the correct file structure. I found a great resource for understanding the application.ini file at https://github.com/feibeck/application.ini/blob/master/application.ini

All was fine and when I restarted Apache, I got this