When I graduated from University College London with an Economics degree, I didn’t know what to do but I did know that it wouldn’t involve accounting (the profession of choice for my fellow graduates). As I was keen on guitar playing, I became a classical guitar teacher and performer

Back then in the 80’s, to do anything with computing involved typing up punch cards with the code on it and then queueing for the mainframe to run your program. I studied Fortran this way and it was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

It was only in the 90’s with the advent of the Mac and the PC that I started to get interested in computing again.

It was the web that really sparked my interest in programming, the mixture of graphical design and code proved a great combination for me and I was hooked. During the 90’s, I was working for Haringey Council and started to write a bit of code in Excel for my colleagues.

I did a MSc in e-Commerce Engineering in 2000/2001 and since then have worked as a freelance programmer for different multi media companies.

When I started, if you wanted to write backend scripts for a website you usually did it in Perl and framesets were all the rage in HTML. Very quickly, JSPs took over for Java and PHP was widely available for scripting. I’ve worked in Java since 2000 and in PHP since 2001.

I’ve worked hard at developing good client relationships and have been lucky enough to work on some very interesting and advanced multi-media projects.

I really enjoy working in Java or PHP on the back end and then coming up with ideas to get Flash/ActionScript or AJAX/JavaScript to talk to the back end