Working with the PHP Laravel Framework

laravel-logo-bigI’ve worked with Laravel for about a year and half now and it’s the third PHP framework I’ve  learned so far (the others are Code Iginiter (2 projects) and Zend (1 project).

So, what’s to like about Laravel and what are the niggles?

As a coder, there’s lots to like about Laravel. The code is clean and well written. It follows all the best Object Oriented practices, uses patterns and is generally easy to read.

Niggles: It’s definitely the pet project of the guy who created it, Jeffrey Way. That means whatever he decides goes. Expect some quite quirky bits of code.

The main niggle, which also happened with Zend, is the project structure has changed in a way to make an upgrade really complicated. With Zend, the upgrade from Zend 1.2 to Zend 2.0 meant that you had to substantially re-write your project. This was a major annoyance on lots of levels. It increased the cost to the client and it also meant I had to learn Zend again.

Having written a fair amount of code in Laravel 4.2 for a client, I took a look to see if I could easily update it to Laravel 5.1 Answer, not at all. I took nearly a whole day to experiment on this and only managed to get some basic pages up.

I’ve written a simple Laravel 5 project to demo my code. There wasn’t that much to relearn once I had got used to the project structure. The major thing I can see is the addition of middleware.

Laravel is still a great framework to work with and I look forward to doing further work on it.