Image Magick bash script to resize and crop images

Resizing images is often something that any web developer has to Hacksaw Ridge 2016 trailer

This is a bash script which resizes and crops images to a perfect 72×72 square.


# script to resize and crop

cd "$dir$orig"
for k in `ls * cialis von lilly.jpg`
	h=`identify -format "%h" $k`
	w=`identify -format "%w" $k`
	#echo "$k, w:$w, h:$h"
	#If landscape
	if [ $w -ge $h ]
	   	 convert $k -resize x72 -crop 72x72+0+0  "$dir$resume/$k"
	     #echo "landscape"
		 convert $k -resize 72x -crop 72x72+0+0 "$dir$resume/$k"
	     #echo "portrait"

Recruitment emails, part 2

Another example of recruiter in a big hurry, and in this case, having difficulty in working out how the spell checker works

Hi Kevin,

I hope you a very well today.

i am currently recruiting for a position that i feel would be a fantastic opportunity. The job specification is below, have a look through and if you are interested please could you send me an updated version of your CV.

 C++ Software Developer (Award winning engineering team)

[I’ve never done C++ professionally. The consultant signs off: ]

If you are interested plese call me on 0121———

kind Reagrds, Lisa B——